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Fishing at Chalk Springs is different from most other still water fisheries because of its clear water. You can see fish
Here is a selection of the fishery`s most productive flies, how to tie them and which materials to use.
Trout is easy and quick to cook and can be served In a variety of different ways.
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Report updated 21st September 2018.
  During the last week, 77 fishermen caught 211 fish, including 19 over 4lb. Average catch rate 81%.  

Best recent catches :


    Rainbows. 9lb 12oz. Colin Beddoe.  
      9lb 7oz. Ian Odin  
      7lb 12oz Mick Homer.  
      7lb 12oz. Mike Richards.  
    Browns. 8lb 1oz. Chris Green.  
      8lb 1oz. Dave Dean..  



Even during this hot weather the fishing continues to be excellent. The water is still crystal clear. The hot sun is not ideal for fly fishing but for those anglers persevering with small flies, the rewards have been good.. The best flies have been the usual goldhead damsels,along with orange lead-heads fished on the drop and cats whiskers retrieved quickly. Lots of fish have come out on buzzers and dries, but it`s mainly been goldhead nymphs that are working best.

The annual September Singles competition was held last week. Twenty five fishermen attended this year to battle it out for the trophy. Paddy Hill was the winner this year, with 3 fish weighing in at 17lb. Kev Hunt was second with Keith Potter in third.







Members` Day
10th October 2018

Free all-day casting clinic and fly tying demonstration.

Our very own Orvis endorsed coach, Brian Smart will be at the fishery all day (9-5) offering free casting tuition and advice to any members and guests*, along with Fly Dresser`s guild member Tony Harrison who will be demonstrating some fly tying.

Free tea and coffee available

Pre-booking advisable – limited spaces  – but members should feel free to just drop in.

Members can use their membership ticket


*guests wishing to fish must purchase a ticket, subject to  availability.







Also, don`t forget to buy your Environment Agency rod licence. PLEASE NOTE that these are no longer available at the fishery. They can be purchased from Post Offices, online at or by calling 0344 800 5386.

Please note that the fully-booked dates below are the `pre-booked` full dates. However, the fishery may be full on other days as we operate a `first-come, first served` basis - pre-booking is always advised.


      Sept 25. Lashings.  
      Oct 27. Mizuho.  
      Dec 5. Brass Monkeys.  
      Dec 15. Fully booked.  
      Dec 30. Newick Crown Flyers.  

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  Rainbows 20lb 9oz Paddy Hill Photo  
      18lb 5oz Hugh Pollard  
      18lb Dave Davies  
      17lb 13oz Peter Cockwill  
      17lb 7oz Hugh Pollard  
  Browns 19lb Darren Short Photo  
      18lb 8oz John Medlow  
      17lb 8oz Paul Woolvern  
      17lb 4oz Colin Beddoe  
      17lb 1oz Frank Warburton  
  Blue Rainbows 17lb 6oz Jim Curry Photo
      15lb 2oz Anthony Maclaren  
      13lb 14oz Hugh Pollard  
      12lb 11oz Kevin Hunt  
      12lb 9oz Andy Cooper  
  Tigers 14lb 2oz Paddy Hill Photo  
      11lb 1oz Hugh Pollard  
      9lb 15oz Steven Gallagher  
      9lb 12oz Dean Dodds  
      9lb 7oz Alan Estill