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Fishing at Chalk Springs is different from most other still water fisheries because of its clear water. You can see fish
Here is a selection of the most productive flies, how to tie them and which materials to use.
Trout is easy and quick to cook and can be served In a variety of different ways.
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Fishing at Chalk Springs is different from most other stillwater fisheries because of its clear water. Although you can see fish in the lakes and observe their reaction to your flies, remember they can also see you too! Try to blend in with the bankside vegetation to hide your silhouette and not cast a shadow across the water. A good pair of polarised sunglasses will help you see in to the water - as well as protect your eyes from any stray back-casts! It can also help if you move around the lakes from time to time and don`t fish one spot for too long. Subtlety is nearly always the key to getting the best results.

.Tackle and flies -

The ideal rod for here is a 9` or 9`6", with a rating of a #5 - #7 floating line. Leaders should be 4lb to 6lb breaking strain and at least the length of the rod, if not longer. Sinking lines are not usually required, although a sink-tip can sometimes be useful.

Small, weighted flies are usually best - damsels, hare's ear, PTN, buzzers and lead bugs - although brightly coloured flies can also be effective at times, especially in the Winter months.  Dry flies often work very well too, as we have some big hatches of naturals. This includes mayflies, alders, daddy long-legs and pond olives, as well as prolific hatches of damsels and sedge.

The controlled weed growth and surrounding plant life ensure a wide variety of insects inhabit the lakes.

Should you have any difficulty in catching fish, please do not hesitate to ask for advice as we would like you to catch fish and enjoy your day. If you have any questions or problems, our qualified staff will be pleased to help.